Photo: Bill Pucket
Bill Header Graphic
Bill spent 18 years in Manhattan learning the marketing and advertising businesses. He learned the hell out of them and then he moved to Virginia where he built this very agency. And it’s an amazing thing, because to start a full service-marketing agency and have it thrive is not an easy task. The idea of doing it in the worst of times is ludicrous. Still, Bill has done it and the thing is working really well. So it’s Bill who carries our torch and talks about the importance of brilliant strategy. And it’s Bill who simultaneously builds, hires, directs, plans, and buys boots for all the women in the building.
Bill says he’s harvested the best and brightest for his agency and he expects a lot from his people. But at the end of the day, there’s really just one rule that Bill runs the agency by: “Think of something.”

Puckett & Associates is a group of brilliant creative people who have all worked on national and international accounts together over the last 20 years. All associates have superb credentials in their own right, and collectively we are an incredibly effective marketing resource.

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